Mivmo all in one VoIP and GSM Mobile Pinless Dialer

Welcome to Mivmo mobile Pinless Daling
Welcome to the World of Mivmo Pinless Dialling
Mivmo is a FREE brand new Android and Apple mobile App for expats abroad to call the UK at extremely low rates, along with other destinations.  Check out the rates here

At the moment the Mivmo App can only be used in GSM Mobile mode from the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Norway at the moment. Outside these countries please switch Mivmo to VoIP mode and use your data or WiFi connection to make the call.

UK landlines 1 cent ppm*
Downloaded and working in under 2 minutes
Real time PayPal Top Up system
No entering a lengthy PIN numbers
No entering a access or destination number to make a call
Integrates directly from your mobile phonebook
Balance display updates after every call
Check the call cost after every call
Use's local in country access numbers, or VoIP.......you pick!
Has a built in VoIP dialer, so you can use Mivmo anywhere you have a data or WiFi connection
Mivmo will work in ANY country we have an local access code in, if not just switch to VoIP
Display any telephone number you own. Add different telephone numbers in seconds
Buy and point a UK telephone number to your mobile, all from within the App

Download Now - Call UK Freephone numbers for FREE
The Mivmo App is available from the Google Play Store, just look up Mivmo, just download and install, When asked you must use promo code 54, or you will NOT have access to our calling package or your FREE UK calls to UK freephone numbers(44808, 44800 numbers). However it also comes with 1€ of credit, just to get you going as well. The App cannot be downloaded and connected to the same mobile number again unless you contact our customer service team.

When asked use Promo code 54

At the moment Mivmo has local access numbers in UK, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Finland, Sweden and Norway at the moment. Outside these countries please switch Mivmo to VoIP mode.

The Mivmo App for testing is available from the Google Play Store,

Setting up Your Mivmo mobile pinless dialer
  1. Once you have downloaded the App, locate it on your phone.
  2. Open the Mivmo App, you will be asked to Verify your mobile number. (this will be the mobile that the App is loaded on to)
  3. Select the country code you are located in e.g 44 if you are in the UK
  4. Enter your mobile number in the next box (without the leading Zero (0) if in the UK)
  5. When asked enter your PIN code sent from our customer services team
  6. Tap the arrow button to the right of the screen.
  7. You will now have a screen with Thank You for verifying your number.
  8. You will then revive a Text message with a four (4) digit code; just enter this in to the box showing.
  9. Push the arrow button to the right of the screen.
  10. Your now ready to make calls.Just remember to dial using 0044XXXX when calling UK numbers

Mivmo Pinless Dialer Settings Explained

We have kept Mivmo as simple as possible in its operation
We have kept Mivmo as simple as possible in its operation, with only four settings that you can change.

Enabled - This button will switch Mivmo On and Off at a swipe of the button. Mivmo's default is it will ask you if you wish to make the call using Mivmo every time you dial a number. You can then decide to use Mivmo or make the call bypassing Mivmo completely.  If you switch off Mivmo using this button you will never be prompted again when making any calls from your mobile.

International Mode - With the International Mode switched On Mivmo will only be used when dialing telephone numbers in the in international format e.g 0034, you will still be prompted to decide whether to call using Mivmo or not. Mivmo will display a message for a few seconds on any in country direct dial calls just to let you know you are not dialing using the Mivmo service, and your operator will change you for the call being made.

VoIP Mode - This button will switch Mivmo VoIP On and Off at a swipe of the button, alowing you to make calls over your data connection or a WiFi HotSpot. If the person you are calling is already on Mivmo, and has there VoIP mode switched on then the call will be free. However if you are calling someone that is not on Mivmo, or there VoIP mode is switched off Mivmo will tell you that the phone number you are calling is not listed as an Mivmo extension, and ask you if you would like to still make the call in the normal way.

Greylist - By using the Mivmo greylist function you can add a contact telephone number that will automatically bypass Mivmo every time you make a call to that number. This is regardless if you are making an international or local call, if the number is in the greylist then Mivmo will be bypassed.

* The FREE UK landline call is a limited offer, and can be withdrawn with 7 days notice.  Notice will be sent via SMS message to customers mobile phone of any changes. UK Landline codes 0044, 00442, 0045800 & 0044808 are included in the offer only. Please use Promo code 54. FUP policy applies.