Mivmo has many years experience within the Telecommunications industry, both in the UK and Spain, and supply a number of large expat Spanish based telecoms companies with call termination services, including VoIP services as well as UK /Spanish telephone numbers.

Even though We are fully UK registered based business we can still offer low cost telephone services from within Spain via our agent channel, and the good news is that you don’t have to use Telefonica for your telephone calls, you don't even need to move from your current provider at all to use our service, saving yourself a small fortune on your Spanish telephone bills not only calling within Spain but back to the UK.


We have spent many months looking and testing Mobile VoIP Apps in the market, and very quickly found that VoIP calls over the mobile networks cannot be considered reliable.

With almost all mobile networks now giving unlimited included local calls, we decided to look at as more reliable way of making Pinless calls.

VoIP is a real-time application, making it particularly sensitive to packet loss that can be caused in a mobile or wireless network by weak signals, range limitations, and interference from other devices that use the same frequency. To support VoIP, your mobile or wireless network must be reliable because users expect more dependability from their phone systems than from their computers. They expect a dial tone every time, no dropped calls, and high voice quality. This is not always possible using VoIP over a mobile network.

Unlike VoIP Mivmo is not dependant on finding a WiFI hot spot or having a good mobile data connection to make a good VoIP call. Mivmo dose use a very small bit of data (just 12Kbs) but unlike VoIP it makes the calls over the GSM network, thus calls can hand off from cell site to cell site when you are on the move, and give you the same call reliability and call quality as a normal GSM call.