How Mivmo Pinless Mobile and VoIP dialer App works

The Mivmo PINless dialer App is a revolutionary means of making phone calls from a Smartphone utilising lower cost VoIP routes
The Mivmo Mobile Pinless dialer App is a revolutionary means of making low cost premium quality international calling service at competitive rates, all from your Smartphone utilising VoIP or over your mobile phone providers network.

In basic terms the Mivmo International Calling App makes international calling easy and convenient. All you need to do is register your mobile phone number in the App and your good to go for making international calls directly from your Android smartphone, without the need to dial an access number or go through the usual voice prompt using the card. Your phone book contacts can be accessed directly from your phone when using Mivmo as well.

When you make a call Mivmo will automatically ask you if you would like to make the call using Mivmo. If you select Yes the App will place the call for you, at fantastic rates.

What is the App access number I see?
As standard the Mivmo calling App is set to use a local in country access number, is the telephone number that the App uses to get through to our low cost international telephony service. This number is free to call for mobile customers who have local and national numbers include for free in their calling package. If you do not have included calls just switch to VoIP mode to use a WiFi access point or your mobile data. (*Wi-Fi /Data charges may apply)

At the moment Mivmo has local access numbers in UK, France, Spain, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Finland, Sweden,Norway and Nigeria at the moment. Outside these countries please switch Mivmo to VoIP mode.

Can I use the Mivmo App whilst roaming?
Yes, However we do not recommend using the service over the mobile network in country as you may be charged extra for App using the in country access number while roaming abroad.

You can however select ‘VoIP Mode’ from within the App settings which will restrict the App to making calls over Wi-Fi or mobile data only. This can then be used connected to a Wi-Fi* access point anywhere in the world (*Wi-Fi charges may apply)

How much data will Mivmo use?
OK, you must have data switched on. In standard mode Mivmo uses less than 10kb for data, just to setup the call, so next to nothing at all. Mivmo has been tested on mobile data speeds of less than 128K, and works fine. Using Mivmo in VoIP mode will use a lot more data, so we recommend using VoIP mode when connected to a WiFi access point.

NO registration forms to complete
No Web registration forms to complete first, No PIN numbers to put in, and No dialing an access code. Just download Mivmo and use promo code 2003 when asked, and you will be uand running in under 2 minutes, from start to finish.

Right Ring Tone
To offer the you the best possible experience you will never get a dial tone, hear any DTMF tones or be asked for a PIN ever again, and we even play the correct ring tone for the country you are calling, so it's all seems seamless.

Can I go walk about using Mivmo?
Yes, If you are using Mivmo in the standard mode you can walk up and down the street still using Mivmo as the call is over the GSM mobile network, so it will just hand over to the next mobile cell site as normal.  However if you are in VoIP mode using your mobile data the call cant be handed over without dropping the data connection for a second, so the call may drop. If you are using a WiFi access point remember not to walk to far away from the WiFi access point, or the data may drop and disconnect your call.

Using VoIP With Mivmo Mobile Pinless Calling App

For sometime now VoIP (SIP) has long been regarded as a lower cost and more efficient means of making phone calls, and indeed the majority of all global phone calls pass through a VoIP system, at some point. In a normal office or home environment, VoIP calls work well, as there is normally sufficient internet (both upload and download) to allow for high quality calls.

However, when it comes to making VoIP calls on mobiles, the internet availability is highly variable; it lacks consistency, and is controlled by third parties, like WiFi access points For these and other reasons VoIP calls over mobile cannot be considered reliable, and call may be of a lower call quality, which we have no control over.

With these factors in mind we recomand using Mivmo in its standerd mode when you can, as the originating call continues on the mobile GSM network, there is no loss of connectivity or quality and 1st time connections are at 100%, in fact the whole process take seconds to complete the call setup.

Mivmo Calling App for Android
Calls to UK freephone numbers 0800 and 0808 are FREE
You will be asked for a registration code during the setup. This would of been sent via email when you registered with us. Download our app now