FAQ: Can the Mivmo App be connected to any switch?

No! Not at the moment. A lot of patent pending technology is behind Mivmo, which at the moment is only built to work with A2Billing and FreePBX, although this may change in the future. But if you have a specific requirement we are always happy to have a chat.

FAQ: Example: Dose Mivmo use any data?

Yes, Mivmo uses just 12Kb per call to communicate with our RIPDialer server which controls all aspects of the Mivmo setup and hand off process for the calls.

FAQ: Is Mivmo a VoIP App?

We get asked this a lot. In short NO! Mivmo takes advantage of the carriers including calls to local in country numbers within their calling packages, so just a if the caller was using a normal phone card. Because of this the calls made through Mivmo are the same quality as if you made the call directly. For these and other reasons VoIP calls over the mobile networks cannot be considered reliable.

FAQ: What is the A2Billing Platform?

2Billing is free and open source billing software for Asterisk, providing telecoms customer management including admin, agent, customer and online signup pages, with flexible in line rating and billing of calls and services in real time. It also links to the FreePBX system extremely well. Mivmo has been exclusively designed and built round these open source products giving you complete control over each platform without the need for expensive SLA's or licence fees.

FAQ: What is the FreePBX Platform?

The FreePBX has developed over the past decade to be the most widely deployed Open Source PBX platform in use across the world today. The openness of the project allows Users to utilize the FreePBX to build robust communications solutions that are powerful but at the same time easy to implement and support, which is why we use it for terminating both inbound and outbound SIP trunks for the use with Mivmo.

FAQ: Why do I need to open a Google Play Developer Console account?

Google Play is the premier store for distributing Android apps. When you publish your Mivmo App on Google Play you put your app in front of Android's huge base of active customers, in more than 190 countries and territories across the world.