Use Your Own Wholesale Carriers - Keep Your Own Minutes

Mivmo 'Use Your Own Carrier' service allows resellers to keep control of their minutes. 

Design Your Own Tariffs

We allow re-sellers to connect their own inbound and outbound carriers to Mivmo, which allows you to compete on price, and not be hindered by our own margins. We also allow you to design an unlimited number of tariffs to meet your own customer's needs. You can setup rates depending on the customer, time of day, and even set highly profitable call connection charges if you desire. By default you can operate with per second billing and no hidden costs.

What UYOC means to you

It means now you have the ability to use your existing carriers or choose a carrier that gives you the most favourable rates. Thereby you can fully leverage a decision that can bring you the biggest cost advantage.

How you can use UYOC.

UYOC can be easily configured via our Mivmo system. You can easily set one or more carriers of your choice and connect it to the included softswitch. We allow you to use existing VoIP carriers DIDs and Phone numbers virtually anywhere across the globe. It means you will be able to use your existing Outbound Termination Routes from any carrier, including even those requiring dedicated IP-based authentication.