A Choice of Inbound Numbers In Over 100 Countries

AT Mivmo we work with one of the biggest providers of global inbound geographic numbersAT Mivmo we work with one of the biggest providers of global inbound geographic numbers, saving you the expense of building your own infrastructure or deploying multiple interconnections to multiple suppliers. However you are more than welcome to connect your own inbound numbers from your own provider.

As you properly already know like normal Calling Cards the Mivmo Pinless app uses local access numbers in country to connect the customer to the Mivmo service so they can make their international calls, just like a normal Calling Card.

As almost every mobile provider includes local numbers free in their calling packages, making access to the Mivmo service free to the user. Mivmo will work in almost any country you have geographic numbers in. We would recommend at least two numbers per country. 

We also lock your global inbound numbers to your Mivmo Pinless App account, thus the numbers you are paying for are only used for your customers using your Mivmo App. We also check the trunk capacity on every Mivmo call on every inbound DDI to make sure the trunk is not congested or getting close to it channel limit, (if there is one). If your inbound trunk for that access number is getting close to being full we automatically tell your Mivmo App to use a different access number in that country.

All this happens in seconds, guaranteeing your customers will have a high quality calling experience, offering the lowest latency and jitter possible.

Address Restrictions - End User's Registration
Some countries telecoms providers require end user's information for registration before you can purchase a number.
Please note that your number cannot be activated until the local carrier approves the details:

The information normally requested is:

Current Address in country (street, building number, postal code, city)
Proof of address (a copy of utility bill no older than of 6 months)
Passport or ID card and proof of Name, business name and contact phone numbers.

Please contact us for the latest list of countries that require registration

Other Restrictions
Some countries telecoms providers place other restrictions numbers, some of these are:

Limited to 2 calls per number
Cannot be used for Calling Card purposes (although Mivmo is not a calling Card service)
1 month lead times

We will always notify you of any restrictions on a number before we process your order.