Become a Reseller - Mivmo Pinless VoIP GSM dialer reseller

Become a Reseller Of Our Mivmo Pinless App Service

Mivmo Pinless VoIP App for ResellersGrow your business by becoming a Mivmo Pinless telecoms reseller, and benefit from our wealth of experience.  There’s a very low startup cost to get going, and we’re always happy to provide support and advice no matter how big or small the requirement. Below is the list of what is included in the setup fee.

Fully Branded Mivmo App*
Integrated GSM and VoIP dialer
Download and working in minutes.
Fully maintained and updated service
Ideal for language schools & News Agents
Upto 15% commission on customers call spend
Ability to top up via vouchers using the Mivmo App
Completely managed system, so no worrying about maintenance
In App PayPal Online payment module for your customers to topup
Competitive Integrated Mivmo calling rates, using highest-quality carriers

Mivmo reseller branded - Once off setup cost - £50.00

Mivmo Agent unbranded - Once off setup cost - FOC

Mivmo - Upto 15% commission on customers spend, no mater who they are
We offer properly one of the highest commissions in the market place, with up to 15% commission of customers spend.  Think about it....Mivmo can be downloaded and working in less than 2 minutes, meaning anyone telling their friends about Mivmo can be online in minutes, even when sitting in the pub or in airport, thus they become one of your customers without you even trying. And you still get 15% of their call spend!

If you have any questions just talk to us about your requirements, GET IN TOUCH